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Christmas and Now a New Year
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Posted: 19-Jan-2005 5:11AM CST
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Well my giant bow made it through the Christmas season. When I returned from Thanksgiving Break, I found it lying in front of a vent along the sidewalk outside of my apartment. At first, I thought it had been ripped down by a person, but further investigation lead me to believe it had been ripped down by the wind. I re-attached the bow—this time more securely, and it survived until I took down my decorations on January 9.

I love Christmas lights, and take great delight in putting up them up at my house every year. I’ve posted some photos from this years 2004 Carlyle Family Christmas Lights Spectacular.

I’ve been a model railroad kick since Christmas. I purchased an N gauge model of L&N #777 (an E6A locomotive) and have setup an oval track in my apartment. You can usually see this on my webcam. I’ll be adding more to my model railroad as time and money become available.

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