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Current Projects

Last updated on 16-Aug-2009 4:16PM CDT.


  • Choices - Choices is an object oriented operating system Jeff is developing as part of his Ph.D. research.
  • WebCam2000 - A webcam image server for Windows.


  • Kentucky Roads - Jeff is a road enthusiast (sometimes known as a "road geek"). He has created a web site for news and information about Kentucky's roads and highways at
  • Ruler of Earth - Since 1996, Carlyle has been the self-appointed Ruler of Earth. His web site at covers the history of his claim to Earth and chronicles his actions as Ruler of Earth.
  • 200B: Six Crazy Guys; One Crazy Apartment - Jeff spent his last year as an undergraduate at the University of Evansville living with five of his best friends in an apartment at 200B South Frederick. Jeff and his former roommates have posted rolls of pictures chronicling their adventures at

Old Projects

Jeff also has several projects which he no longer actively maintains. Those projects can be obtained from old projects page.

Related News Entries

WebCam2000 Version 1.67 Released
Posted: 6-Feb-2004 7:09AM CST
Topics: [JeffCenter] [Current Projects] [WebCam2000]

This version of WebCam2000 adds a few features inspired by a patch from Robert Konigsberg: the locations of capoff.bmp and overlay.bmp are now configurable through the system registry, capoff.bmp is no longer rotated when the camera image is set to be rotated, and the WebCam2000 now has a way to quickly turn off the camera.

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WebCam2000 Version 1.66
Posted: 1-Feb-2004 6:33AM CST
Topics: [JeffCenter] [Current Projects] [WebCam2000]

A new version of WebCam 2000 has been released. Version 1.66 adds support for HTTP basic password authentication. This gives users some degree of control over who can watch their web cam.

Additionally, left clicking on the WebCam2000 task bar icon now brings up a menu that allows users to control the server. Thanks to Matthew Heaton for helping add this feature.

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Web Site Reorganized
Posted: 24-Jun-2003 2:35PM CDT
Topics: [JeffCenter] [Old Projects] [Current Projects] [WebCam2000]

Jeff has completed a major reorganization of his web space. This reorganization involved the moving of WebCam2000 to its own domain and the withering of the domain. A couple of things have also been removed from For instance, Jeff's archive of school papers is no longer online.

StratoSetup and Windows Restart have also been downgraded to the status of "no longer actively maintained." Jeff might still update them in the future, but he has no plans to do so at this time.

The main part of Jeff's web space is now generated using new site management software. The software is a distant cousin of the software used to create Jeff's web site. This version of the software uses a collection of Perl scripts to build static HTML pages based on a MySQL database. Jeff plans to test the software, do some refactoring, and release the software at some point in the future.

One of the new features of the site is the ability to comment on "news items" such as this one. See the "view/post comments" link below for more information.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Jeff's website, feel free to contact him.

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