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Jeff in England

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The University of Evansville operates a study abroad program at Harlaxton College in Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom. During the fall semester of 1998, Jeff spent four months studying there and travelling about the British Isles and the European mainland.

One of Jeff's classmates at Harlaxton, John Calliot, has created a Facebook group devoted to the Fall 1998 Harlaxton Class.

The pictures below were taken by Jeff during his semester abroad. He has hundreds more pictures from England and hopes to, someday, make more available online.

Oxford, Bath, and Stonehenge

The city of Oxford on a rainy day.

[Oxford's Bridge of Sighs]
Oxford's Bridge of Sighs. It seems having a structure known as the Bridge of Sighs in a city is fairly popular: Jeff also saw such structures in Venice, Italy and Chester, England.

[Bowling Green]
Jeff also stopped in the ancient Roman city of Bath, where he caught sight of this sign that reminded him of his home town.

[Glastonbury Abbey] [Glastonbury Abbey]
Jeff also made a stop in Glastonbury. These pictures are the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. According to legend, King Arthur is buried on the Abbey grounds.

Trip to Dumfries

[Dumfries Rail Station]
This picture was taken in November at the rail station in the city of Dumfries, Scotland. Dumfries is in the southern part of Scotland, near the border with England. The area around Dumfries is the ancestral home of the Carlyle family name.


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